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  Support & hosting
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  Of course we provide support with maintenance and support questions. Do you also need hosting? No problem. We can also take that off your hands.
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  Aiwos also provides for the basic needs of our clients. Our platforms and portals are low-code and generally do not require intensive maintenance or support processes. By always offering training when new solutions go live, many questions are solved immediately.
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  An up-to-date and interactive platform for testers
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A consequence of all the improvements within WordPress is that there are regular updates. We ensure that these are processed on time and check whether all plug-ins still function correctly.   

Our support is also available for all your questions. 

Depending on the size of your website , our recurring activities are more or less intensive. We therefore always offer tailor-made maintenance and support. 


Do you want to be unburdened regarding the hosting of your website ? Aiwos will arrange it for you. Would you rather outsource the hosting to your own (preferred) supplier? That is of course also possible. 

 Does your organization set high standards for data processing, security and privacy? No problem. Strato, the hosting partner of Aiwos, complies with the ISO 27001 guidelines. 

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