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  Are you having Aiwos build a platform or portal or rebuild an existing one? Then we offer a training to familiarize you with the new CMS. We will work with you and your team!
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  Most organizations pay close attention to their spending and do not want to receive a large support account after the launch of a new platform or portal. To quote a well-known proverb: we like to teach our clients how to fish and offer different rods.

Standard training but customized 

Our half-day training follows a fixed pattern. So in that sense it is a standard training. By making an inventory in advance with users of the questions they have, we then match the training to your practice. Training participants will receive a link to the new platform or portal in advance so that they can immediately see where they need help. The questions must be shared with Aiwos in advance for optimal preparation. 

The schedule of the day: 

  • 1 hour: Demo of the platform or portal 
  • 1 hour: if it concerns a rebuild: explanation of the biggest changes 
  • 2 or 3 hours: handling questions participants 

Location training 

Aiwos offers the training via Teams, so that as many participants as possible can participate. In addition, we record the session (with the client's permission) so that the session remains available. 

Cost of training 

We believe that training always offers advantages and that is why we offer this standard. As a client you will not receive a separate invoice for this.  

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