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  Aiwos builds two types of WordPress websites: platforms and portals. Platforms to serve external users & internal portals (intranet). We often combine the two for a smooth workflow.
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  Most platforms and portals have multiple users with different wants and needs. How do you combine these in a good way without compromising the digital solution? Aiwos knows how to approach this in the right way in the building process of a new WordPress website.

Aiwos is specialized in process and data intensive websites 

Let's start with the fact that the number of types of websites is numerous. And that also applies to the goals to which a website contributes. Aiwos specializes in building websites that process data and/or facilitate processes. For this type of website it is not enough to just define the web pages; it takes thinking to concretize workflows and then facilitate them online. What kind of websites can you think of?  

  • Jury platforms 
  • Event websites (or other registrations) 
  • Subsidy platforms and portals (or other applications) 
  • File portals  
  • Research platforms 
  • Dynamic content platforms 
  • Business Process Management 
  • Case systems 
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  Realization of a successful platform for subsidies
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Platforms generally serve external users. A platform is more than a flat landing page with which you, for example, realize a specific campaign goal. A platform first of all offers content to inform the user correctly and completely. How extensive the information is on the platform, of course, depends on the complexity of the goal. Applying for a subsidy often entails more conditions than, for example, registering for an event. Ultimately, the goal of every platform is the same: to make it as easy as possible for the user to reach the end goal. Without unnecessary steps and barriers.   


Aiwos realizes this type of websites for digital work processes. These portals are well secured and multifunctional, so that every workflow is possible. Consider these actions:

  1. Enter documents and log feedback on them 
  2. Automated data enrichment of entered data 
  3. Preparing communication tools, both online and offline 
  4. Provide an overview of performed actions 
  5. Alerting users that an action is required 


Of course, the behavior of external users regularly triggers the workflows of internal users. That is why Aiwos regularly links these two websites together, so that manual actions are unnecessary and the error sensitivity decreases. 

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