René Serier

IT professional pur sang

René is the IT specialist pur sang. After his IT training, he could immediately start working for an IT secondment. He moved to EY in 2006 and witnessed the evolution from fixed telephony to VoIP (Alcatel VoIP) within a European team, which he expanded to a global team of 50 people in Singapore, India, UK, US, Canada and Argentina. 24 x 7 x 365 days responsible for all internal communication within the EU. And yet René was tempted to make the switch to Aiwos in 2020.

“I took my chance within this small and flexible company to always go for the best solution for the customer. Not a standard or the most comprehensive solution, but continue until the customer is satisfied. You can only achieve that with a strong team, and Aiwos has that. That gives a feeling of strength where no challenge is too great!”

The power of Aiwos?
“The freedom to find solutions that are not standard. So plenty of attention to what a customer is looking for and wants to find.”

René in your football team

“In a football team I have the position of the midfielder who sets out the actions for everyone and adjusts where necessary. I connect and make sure that the other players can go through. I expect teamwork, openness and clear communication from colleagues. Success and failure happen as a team. Be proud of what you do, what you make or what you spend your time on. But also be open when things go wrong, you learn from that and you share that with each other.”