Maria Oosterweghel

Expert Cyber Security

After enrolling at Antwerp's Linguistics and Literature program, Maria discovered her true passion was in the IT field. As a second course, she enrolled in cybersecurity. Maria is also quite busy taking care of her dog, Loki.

"I purposefully selected an IT-related course since I quickly realized that I enjoyed it. I discovered an even deeper love for problem solving in the beginning of the program because it's like solving a puzzle, and I adore a challenge!

Because everyone at Aiwos has unique talents and a desire to support one another to the fullest, I really like working there. Additionally, sharing ideas is encouraged so that you may soon feel a part of the team.

"Since I recently got my (now young) dog Loki, I've enjoyed playing and going for walks with him. I have plenty of time for that because of the flexibility Aiwos provides!

The power of Aiwos?
The ability to communicate is Aiwos's greatest asset. Both with the customers and among ourselves, there is effective communication. This guarantees a good balance and prevents you from being overly busy at once. Additionally, there are no office politics, which makes working much more enjoyable. Aiwos places a high priority on the welfare of its employees, including myself.

Maria in your football team

Because I prefer to think of myself as a coach, I can always have the larger picture in mind. This is most likely a result of my experience in cybersecurity. I occasionally shout from the sidelines, but mostly I'm extremely encouraging. I'll think of answers and advise that, perhaps, will help the squad win.