An up-to-date and interactive platform for testers

An up-to-date and interactive platform for testers

What do you do if your website - the business card of your organization - no longer gives a positive first impression? And digital wishes of internal teams prove difficult to realize?

Customer challenge

TestNet has been the largest trade association in the Netherlands for professional IT testers for years. Like any association, TestNet wants to offer its members added value by facilitating networks and stimulating knowledge sharing. That is why it is important to convince new testers to join and to retain existing members on a continuous basis. 

However, the look of the website was outdated in the perception of the board. Potential members who visited the website would therefore not get the correct impression of the association. As a result, the platform no longer contributed to the objectives. 

The internal organization also noticed that publishing new events, which is again increasing in frequency, took a lot of time from the event team.  


Aiwos entered into a discussion with the TestNet team: back to the drawing board. A new design for the website has been developed based on the objectives of the association and the wishes of internal teams. Work processes have been critically analyzed resulting in more efficient workflows.  

The new user-friendly CMS has resulted in 70% less time promoting new events. By working with smart forms , publishing new events has been simplified. The event page immediately looks beautiful due to the fixed structure in which event managers enter the information. 

TestNet has commissioned a design agency for a new brand identity. Aiwos has implemented the new design down to the last detail in the new platform in close collaboration. The result is a fresh look with a focus on the core activities of the association: the many knowledge events and activities of the various working groups. 

The CMS and the structure of the website have been completely renewed and up-to-date, so that there is a strong foundation for the future. As soon as the TestNet association wants new functionalities, they can be added quickly and easily.  

"We have experienced the flexibility of Aiwos, transparency and a good listening ear to the customer as unique for an IT partner."