A multifunctional event platform

A multifunctional event platform

An international conference with a select number of participants and an intensive judging process: that requires a website with smart functionalities and automated workflows.

Customer challenge

Life-long learning. That is a good theme for an international conference. But how do you ensure a flawless digital process of registration, booking, invoicing and managing payments?

Only a limited number of places are available for this popular conference. How do you allocate the seats fairly? How do you keep participants up to date? How can speakers present their workshop online? And – last but not least – how do you ensure that all case studies and documentation are on the website during and after the event?

These challenges are a great opportunity for Aiwos to show how WordPress can offer a strong solution for various business objectives.


Aiwos has developed a responsive website based on the wishes of the conference organization that relieves the organizers in every phase of the event: both during the registration phase, the event day itself and afterwards. This naturally included an analysis of all process steps to achieve efficient workflows . 

 In the application phase, Aiwos has realized a user-friendly and fair registration and jury process: 

  • A correct and fair distribution of the available places takes place in order of registration. When registering, the platform automatically sends a PDF invoice in the house style of the conference organization and other communication is also automatically initiated (confirmation, reminders, changes in the program). 
  • Participants can specify preferences for workshops. This data is exported to Excel for printing badges and participant lists. A real time saver, for both the participants and the organizers. 
  • Participants can compete for a prize by submitting a project for which Aiwos developed an online questionnaire. Aiwos has also set up the jury process so that the results can be formulated efficiently and, moreover, transparent and verifiable for the participants. 
  • For the various forms, Aiwos uses Gravity Forms , an ideal add-on for professional WordPress websites . 

 On the conference day itself, the website was the source of information for all participants: 

  • During the congress, the website was continuously updated by Aiwos and the website functioned as a congress guide. Documents and photos will be published afterwards.  
  • Aiwos support is available 24/7 on the congress day to resolve any incidents. 

 After the event, Aiwos ensured a smooth closing via the website : 

  • The platform has been expanded with documentation of the various event components, the jury process and of course the photos of the day itself have been published. 
  • Communication with the participants was completed via a thank you e-mail in which they were informed of the newly available information on the platform. 
  • In between annual events, the organization sends out newsletters from the platform to keep the target audience engaged (for example, announcements of book publications). 

Everything available on one website, for both users and the event organization.