Sander van der Windt

The source of IT information

Sander showed an interest in ICT from an early age. But after a year and a half of studying to become a system manager, he made a long trip to the shipping industry and the port of Rotterdam. However, the ICT sector continued to beckon. After a year as a freelance web developer in Bonaire, he made the move to Aiwos .

“As a self-taught developer, I have a healthy dose of curiosity and like to use it to delve into complex issues and get to the bottom of it. At Aiwos , each team member has unique qualities and you are given the space to use these in projects. Everyone is also encouraged to share ideas with colleagues. That way you are always inspired.”

The power of Aiwos?
“Aiwos is open to people with work experience in other sectors, but who have an affinity with IT, like me. That fits in with the current times, in which more and more people want to specialize themselves in this sector.”

Sander in your football team

“I would probably take on the role of last man on a football team. As a back-end enthusiast I like to be on the defensive. As the last man, you keep the overview and assist others in their role where necessary.”