Sabine Visser

The puzzler

After studying Journalism, Sabine started working in television. She really enjoyed working in a team, but her passion for puzzling didn't get enough room and so her focus turned more to the field of IT.

She taught herself how to build websites, switched careers and became an HTML specialist at a design agency. When the opportunity arose, she started her own business. This gave her the opportunity to develop further in more complex topics, such as dynamic websites through database links.
She built her own CMS to give customers the opportunity to customize their own website. But when WordPress came along, it became her standard. In addition, she built application, amendment, accountability and advice forms for the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts for many years.

The power of Aiwos?
"I think web developer is the best profession in the world, because it challenges me every day to find the best solution out of the wide range of new technologies. At Aiwos I can fully indulge that passion, because for its customers the company likes to get the most out of the technology."

Sabine in your football team

"In a football team I am the head of catering, because food connects and you have to eat and drink well to perform well."