Romy-Angèle Breeveld

Mathematical Ace Ventura

Romy-Angèle grew up in Suriname. Mathematics was love at first sight, but studying Mathematics at university ultimately proved to be too boring for her.

During a part-time job in customer service, Romy-Angèle discovered that solving problems really suits her. And in that same part-time job she also had her first introduction to the IT world. She then attended a programming bootcamp and has always worked a lot with IT in her various jobs. Romy-Angèle has a keen eye for detail and an intuitive approach to IT, which makes her an indispensable member of the Aiwos team.

In addition to being an IT specialist and problem solver, Romy-Angèle is a huge animal lover. She calls herself “the female version of Ace Ventura”. Her big dream is to live on a farm with a large and colorful collection of animals.

The power of Aiwos?
“For me, the strength of Aiwos lies in the close-knit team. There is a lot of mutual respect, there is appreciation for each other and we are helpful to each other.”

Romy-Angèle in your football team

“In a football team I am the water girl, the one who makes sure everyone stays hydrated and energetic, always ready to keep the team spirit high. I like to take care of others, although I sometimes forget about myself. Above all, I expect honesty and loyalty from colleagues.”