Realization of a successful platform for subsidies

Realization of a successful platform for subsidies

Build a platform in no time for a new subsidy with potentially 12,000 applicants? Aiwos realized this for the largest national Government organization for implementing subsidies.

Customer challenge

Aiwos regularly develops subsidy platforms and portals for the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport and the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.  

In this example, a national government organization for implementing policy unexpectedly has to organize a subsidy for organizations with a specific SBI code. More than 12,000 potential applicants can apply for this grant and a team of 70 people is on hand to process the applications. 

The success of the grant depends on the amount of applications that are submitted, fast and adequate processing, assessment and awarding of the grant. 

A challenge under time pressure and on which a lot depends. 


In the short term, Aiwos will develop an accessible subsidy platform for applicants, including an efficient management environment for the professionals who assess the applications.  

It starts with a smart and user-friendly form, including useful API links : 

  • The Chamber of Commerce number and the SBI code are immediately validated on the basis of known Chamber of Commerce data, including validity and ascription. The IBAN is checked using SurePay . 
  • The form complies with the latest web guidelines for design, security and accessibility (WCAG 2.1). 
  • Applicants see explanations for the questions in the form itself, so that they can quickly fill in the form and upload all relevant documents immediately. This speeds up the grant assessment and award. 
  • After submission, applicants will automatically receive an e-mail with an explanation of the follow-up process and a PDF statement with all completed data. 

Aiwos also ensures that the assessors can do their work quickly and efficiently: 

  • The applications received are forwarded to a secure treatment environment, where both employees of the implementing organization and an external jury committee can log in with 2-factor authorization. 
  • The treatment environment schematically shows where the application is located in the assessment process and who of the team is responsible for the action. 
  • All online and offline communication with the applicant can take place from this portal and can be viewed by all users. 

In case of a positive assessment, Aiwos will help with the realization of the subsidy application: 

  • Complete applications approved by the jury are automatically submitted to the payment system. 

Aiwos organized a subsidy process in a short time for many users!