Melvin Albers

Thé construction expert

Melvin has an IT background and knows how to solve complex digital problems. That is why he was occasionally flown in by Aiwos to help with various assignments. As the work for Aiwos continued to grow, the partners decided to let Melvin join the team. Melvin: “I take this as a compliment! And what about 'De Verbouwmeester'? I will continue to combine that .”

“I am a real go- getter and like to work for customers. From a fresh perspective and curiosity, I also keep Aiwos ' partners on their toes. I love puzzling over a customer's assignment within the framework of the system. Moreover , I really enjoy helping to build Aiwos . I used to literally build houses, now I help build this beautiful company with a reputation that stands as a house! At Aiwos I get the feeling that my contribution really matters. I also notice that in the customer who is happy with the quickly delivered result.”

The power of Aiwos?
“I can always go to my colleagues to brainstorm or if I need a sounding board. The short lines, thinking along and switching quickly with the customer is a strength of Aiwos. And everyone's contribution to an assignment does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated!”

Melvin in your football team

“Honestly, I can't play football at all and I would rather end up on the bench! But if I could, I'd be in my element in the captaincy role. Guiding others and thinking along about organizational aspects is what I do.”