Jurriaan Koops

Pro programmer

This whiz kid was already programming at the age of 14. After a few years of zigzagging between an Electrical Engineering study and a gap year for personal development, he threw himself into training for Social Work. While working with people, computer technology continued to pick up. Now he combines social and IT skills into a nice mix within Aiwos.

“It is very satisfying to translate the wishes of less digitally oriented people into a pleasantly working solution. The puzzle and making the translation from non-digital wishes to a digital solution is always a challenge. I am always diligently looking for ways to make things easier, smarter or more efficient.

Within Aiwos I am very good at seeing the bigger picture and I am strong in understanding complexity. I have a fairly in-depth knowledge of programming, I am broadly developed and I know something about many disciplines.”

The power of Aiwos?
“The personal approach, the thorough questioning of the need. We then bridge the gap between customer requirements and digital solutions. Customers get more than they asked for.”

Jurriaan in your football team

“If you compare me to a football player, I often have the role of a defender or midfielder. I'm strong at predicting the attack, but less good at fast footwork.

I expect commitment, honesty, self-reliance and collegiality from colleagues. Ask for help when needed and help each other further both practically and morally.”