Erik van Beek

Founding partner

His disciples called him 'Master Erik'. But he made no secret of his interest in IT and E-learning and became the school's IT coordinator. Via a number of intermediate steps, he made the leap to the real IT work and started with Aiwos. And with pleasure!

“For me, working for Aiwos is so much fun, because we build solutions in quite complex and exciting environments. It's really about something. Customers are often happy because we have IT solutions ready quickly and – even if it is the most important – on time that are of great (vital) importance to their work process. They also score with it themselves and that reflects on us, that gives real appreciation.

Some innovations come from us, others come from developers that we make suitable for our customers. You are always learning and developing. And there are also many opportunities to make an international name for yourself, that prospect also makes working for Aiwos fun!”

The power of Aiwos?
“Personal and involved approach. We are often faster than other IT organizations. No locked-in for the customer, which is quite unique. We use open source developments, and we let customers benefit from that advantage.”

Erik in your football team

“I bring entrepreneurship, creativity and enthusiasm to Aiwos. Making something big out of something small and adding layers, that's what I like. In a football team, I am the striker: I am constantly working to break through the defense with surprising tactics, I do not shy away easily and I keep an overview of the game.

I expect loyalty, trust and sharing of experiences from colleagues. And go for the goals we set together in a pleasant and healthy way.”