API connections


API connections

Aiwos supports the realization of specific API connections. These links often make existing work processes a lot easier and at the same time more reliable.

Almost all API connections are possible 

Actually, Aiwos can realize all desired links with the help of APIs. But because there are always connections that are new, we believe that almost all API connections are possible. 

To make the possibilities a little more concrete, we offer you these example applications: 

  • API links between registration forms and marketing automation systems (such as Hubspot, Active Campaign) 
  • Facilitating your sales process through a link with your CRM system (such as Agile CRM) 
  • Realizing smooth payment processes through a link with APIs such as 2checkout, Mollie and PayPal 
  • Create simple and automated business reports about your platform or portal (with, for example, Google or SVG Charts) 
  • Linking document management to the storage system of your choice (think Dropbox and OneDrive) 
  • And of course numerous forms of automated data enrichment or checks made possible by API links 

Want to see even more examples? Then view this list of API links. 

Frequently requested APIs 

We regularly see the demand for SurePay from our clients. That is why we explain this API link to check the correctness of IBAN data in detail below. The various APIs of the Chamber of Commerce often belong to the basic necessities when our clients request information from the business community. We are therefore also happy to explain those API connections. 

Realization of a successful platform for subsidies

Build a platform in no time for a new subsidy with potentially 12,000 applicants? Aiwos realized this for the largest national Government organization for implementing subsidies.

Realization of a successful platform for subsidies

Build a platform in no time for a new subsidy with potentially 12,000 applicants? Aiwos realized this for the largest national Government organization for implementing subsidies.

IBAN Name Check from SurePay: quick clarity about the correctness of IBAN data

The challenge:

Companies, foundations, funds and governments are increasingly requesting IBAN information for payouts via an online form. Checking this bank information is often manual and labor intensive.

Common challenges are:

  • How can you be sure that the name entered corresponds to the bank account number?
  • How do you help customers who accidentally make a typo?
  • How do you check whether the entered IBAN belongs to an organization or an individual?
  • How do you check whether the IBAN is still active?

The answers to these questions are crucial to verify the correctness of the data entered and to prevent fraud.

The solution:

With  SurePay's IBAN Name Check API  , time-consuming checks are a thing of the past. But a link with this solution and your website is often customized and requires specialist knowledge.

Aiwos has therefore developed an API link with this SurePay application to perform various checks on the entered IBAN and the name of the account holder efficiently and in real time.

Aiwos can support your organization in implementing the SurePay IBAN Name Check in existing online web forms or with smart tools that adapt to your workflow.

That can be done in different ways:

  1. If your organization uses a WordPress website with Gravity Forms, we have a plugin ready for you that can be implemented immediately. This Gravity Forms add-on adds an IBAN field to the advanced fields.
  2. Does your organization work with a different CRM? Or are there specific wishes to take into account? Then we provide a customized implementation of the API connection.

No web form or platform available yet?

Don't have your own solution for creating web forms and portals yet? Then we will of course be happy to help you build a safe, accessible and possibly protected environment that suits your work process. In this environment we immediately implement the SurePay IBAN Name Check.

Chamber of Commerce Trade Register Search: fast data enrichment of company data

The challenge:

Our clients often request information from organizations on their platform, for example in the application process for a subsidy or the registration process for a donation or volunteer campaign.

Then there are two challenges: as a handler you do not want to carry out manual checks on the entered data and you want to make the data entry accessible for the user.

Register data is still often found manually in the Chamber of Commerce database and manually retyped. This leads to error-prone situations that are easy to avoid. Add to this the time saved by an automated and reliable data link and you understand why we are in favor of the solution below.

The solution:

The Chamber of Commerce (KvK) offers various APIs with which you can verify entered data with information from the trade register and extend it if desired.

You can easily collect the correct name data of companies and location data via the KVK Trade Register Search API  . With the APIs for basic data and the location profile, you enrich your data with other variables.

Aiwos performs the realization of links with Chamber of Commerce APIs on a weekly basis, because the basic information about companies is a necessary (and therefore popular) enrichment of forms.