A WordPress website for educational innovation

A WordPress website for educational innovation

A noble goal: educational innovation by collecting and assessing teachers' ideas. But how do you manage that -online- so that the best initiatives emerge?

Customer challenge

The Curriculum.nu initiative has the task of realizing educational innovation by getting ideas from teachers. To achieve this goal, a platform is needed where 2,500 teachers can easily submit their ideas.  

 Subsequently, various assessors (teachers, educational organisations, educational publishers and scientists) and assessors (150 selected teachers) will register their feedback on the submitted ideas online. The proposals for which there is the most support are selected via several digital selection rounds.  

The challenge of Curriculum.nu is to steer this process in the right direction, but also to keep all information clear and presentable to all involved. 


Aiwos has translated the above process in which many different stakeholders play a role, into an efficient online workflow . In addition, Aiwos sees opportunities for dynamically displaying content by having all those involved work with smart forms (for both the curriculum proposals and the feedback on them).  

By automatically retrieving input from these forms (Aiwos likes to work with Gravity Forms ) a coherent and searchable whole is created without the content having to be summarized or adjusted manually. Pure time savings.  

The end result? A responsive website with which both the submitters and all assessors can work easily.  

Aiwos develops various functionalities for a manageable workflow : 

  • It starts with a responsive website with a user-friendly form for the submissions of 2,500 teachers, education professionals and researchers: the website is accessible, accessible and secure.  
  • The submitted ideas are forwarded to a protected environment, where the 150 assessing teachers log in. The reviewers can view the feedback via the platform and the submitters via email in an automatically generated PDF.  
  • Aiwos phases the feedback rounds adding new feedback to previous rounds at a later stage. This allows new steps to build on the previous ones and creates a coherent workflow for each idea submitted.  
  • Dividing the feedback into themes and assigning labels (tags) provides even more overview and the option to filter and search the information. 

 How Aiwos helps the board of Curriculum.nu to keep an overview: 

  • The national project organization attaches great importance to transparency. Aiwos is therefore building a functionality in the platform through which the board can monitor, export and analyze the feedback received and the processing actions of the teachers. 
  • In addition, authorized Curriculum.nu employees can easily download various information in Excel files, provided they are authorized to do so. 
  • The information generated is both searchable and filterable on the platform, not only for logged in users but for all online visitors. 

 The platform itself dynamically displays the realized content: 

  • The content that users see on the site is not created by creating and filling individual pages as is common in many CMS systems. Instead, the custom WordPress website fills itself by intelligently retrieving information from forms. This is probably the biggest time-saver that Aiwos managed to achieve in this project. 

Creating dynamic content pages using forms: what a solution!